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Trailblazing Women Lawyers at the Australian Women Lawyers 2014 national conference

Chief Investigator, Professor Kim Rubenstein and TBWL Researcher/Coordinator Dr Nikki Henningham both participated in the Australian Women Lawyer’s Biennial conference held in Adelaide (3 -5 October 2014.)  Nikki was present on the Friday/Saturday and  met and talked with many of the attendees, and Kim attended on the Sunday and presented on the progress of the TBWL project.  They […]

Female trailblazers shy away from the spotlight

Professor Kim Rubenstein,  Director of the Centre for International and Public Law and an ANU public policy fellow, Professor Kim Rubenstein, will talk at the Australian Women Lawyers National Conference (3-5 October) about the Trailblazing Women in the Law Project. Having conducted several interviews with women who have had major impact in the Australian legal landscape, Professor Rubenstein […]

C.I. Professor Kim Rubenstein draws inspiration from the suffragettes from the 1890s in promoting the Monster Climate Change Petition.

When Professor Kim Rubenstein, CI for the Trailblazing Women and the Law in Australia Project was approached by the Victorian Women’s Trust to participate in a Monster Climate Change Petition to Parliament, she was immediately reminded of the efforts made by suffragettes in the 1890s who campaigned for the right to vote. Read more: Creating Monster Climate Change.

‘Inflexible and family unfriendly environments should not be the practice norm’, says newly elected president of the N.S.W. Bar Association.

The new president of the NSW Bar Association, Jane Needham (SC), has promised to place issues relating to gender equality, diversity and the changing nature of barristers’ practice at the top of the agenda for 2014. Needham is also chair of a working party that is looking at the findings of the Law Council of Australia’s National Attrition […]

‘It’s been a great era…but we have a long way to go.’ Dame Quentin Bryce farewells the office of the Governor General.

Dame Quentin Bryce’s term as the twentieth-fifth  Governor General of Australia, and the first woman to be appointed to the position, officially ended on March 26th, 2014. A woman of many firsts, she ‘normalised the “unusual” and demonstrated why appointing leaders outside of the usual sphere of power is important.’ Asked, on her last day, […]

Law is failing women – Report of the National Attrition and Re-engagment Study released.

A landmark study by the Law Council of Australia has found that women face significant levels of discrimination, with one of the study’s key figures telling Lawyers Weekly the profession is a “men’s only club”. The National Attrition and ­Re-­engagement Study (NARS), commissoned by the Law Council of Australia in 2013, surveyed 4­000 people, representing […]

Kim Rubenstein delivers the 53rd National Council of Women of Victoria’s Australia Day Address

Trailblazing Women and the Law project leader, Professor Kim Rubenstein, was honoured to be invited by the National Council of Women of Victoria to deliver their 53rd Australia Day address on January 23rd 2014. In the picturesque and aptly named Pioneer Women’s Gardens, Professor Rubenstein gave the audience an update on the project and what […]

Chief Investigator Professor Kim Rubenstein awarded the 2013 Edna Ryan award for Leadership!

Professor Kim Rubestein, Chief Investigator for Trailblazing Women and the Law has been awarded the Edna Ryan Award for Leadership. The EDNAs acknowledge and celebrate women who are prepared to make their lives political and who are making a feminist difference. Professor Rubenstein, according to her citation and confirmed by those who know her and […]